The Weird Ninth World

Devils Spine Session 1

The adventure starts when Ferava is called back to Uxphon by her aunt, after receiving a letter asking for help. In the letter her aunt mentions that her son, Gyph, has gone missing. He is just one of many people to have gone missing in Uxphon recently, and there are rumors that the Baron Tichronous is involved. The letter directs her to meet up with Gae, a mercenary who has helped out the family with dealings in the past.

When Ferava and Adramos come to Uxphon they meet Gae at a seedy bar called The Leaky Pipe. Along with Gae are Kos and Laz. They discuss the letter, and set up the following plan:

* Gae and Laz will stakeout Tichronous’s estate to see if they can discover anything
* Kos will ask around town for information regarding the missing people
* Ferava sends a boy to take a message to her aunt to come to The Leaky Pipe to discuss the situation farther (Adramosremains with her)

While watching the estate, Gae and Laz see Tichronous leaving with a lot of luggage, in a carriage. He is seen off by a man who Gae recognizes as Dorial, the baron’s manservant. Laz tails the carriage through town, and watches it leave town and head west, in the direction of the Cloudcrystal Skyfields. Gae continues to watch the estate. She checks out the stables and notices 3 slaves inside playing cards. She later witnesses them going to the house and returning with food. Laz returns after nightfall, and the two of them see two thuggish looking men knock on the door of the estate. They are let in by Dorial.

Kos spends a couple hours asking around town about the missing people. Eventually he finds someone who claims to have seen an unconscious woman getting carried off by a couple of thugs, in the vicinity of Baron Tichronous’s estate.

Ferava‘s aunt comes to the bar, and is very on edge and clearly upset about her missing son. Ferava is blunt, and shows no compassion about her missing cousin, which makes her aunt all the more upset. Her aunt tells her off for wasting time rather than going out searching right away. The information given is that her son was last seen by his friends, when they were hanging out in the market. When they split up, her son was on the east side of the market, in the direction of Tichronous’s estate. She has heard rumors of Tichronous taking people from some of the nobles that their house deals with, but none of the nobles will speak out against him. Ferava gets the names of the friends that Gyph was last seen by.

The party regroups at the bar, and decides to sneak to the estate and try to see what’s going on inside. While climbing the small wall to enter the compound, Kos drops a numenera device, which goes off creating lights and sounds. The group quickly runs behind the stable, as the two thugs come to the door, one with his hand on his sword, the other holding a cup.

Kos throws up an illusion by the blinking numenera device of two men dressed as guards of a noble house, coming over the wall, screaming out “Tichronous must pay!” The thug with his sword rushes them and attacks, his swing slicing right through the illusion. The other thug starts laughing at him, until he sees Adramos come out from behind the stable and cleave through his friend’s shoulder with a great axe. A battle ensues where the PCs knock out the two thugs, and tie them up in the stable.

Ferava attempts to heal the two thugs so they can be questioned. One ends up dying, the other isn’t overly helpful. He tells them that they are paid by Dorial to bring people here. Kos then decides to try a new illusion. He and Adramos will head to the house, with the illusion of the two thugs escorting them as captives, in order to get Dorial to let them in. But on the way there, the one thug yells out “It’s a trap!” As a reward, Ferava slits his throat.

The illusion had already tricked Dorial into opening the door, and the PCs force their way in. After a fight that drags through the estate, Dorial ends up helpless. Again, they use their healing and hurting torture tactics to extract information. After smashing Dorial’s kneecap they learn the following:

* Tichronous tells Dorial when he needs someone brought, giving him an exact time
* Dorial pays thugs to bring him someone (it must be someone between 15-35, and it must be someone who should not be missed)
* When the thugs bring someone, Dorial places that person in the tower. Tichronous then “deals with it”
* He does not know what Tichronous is doing with the people.
* Tichronous is currently away for a month to the Cloudcrystal Skyfields at the request of the Order of Truth
* The kidnappings may have something to do with his work for the Order, but if it does, Dorial is sure the Order is not aware of it. In other words, he’s doing something on his own that in the end may benefit the Order.

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